Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Peanut Bjorn & Desi Jon

I know what you're thinking, but don't worry: I too didn't eat any PB today. And surprisingly, my day wasn't that much of a let down.

But speaking of peanut butter, have you ever seen a dog eat some of the divine spread? (when someone mentions PB and dogs you probably think of another urban legend, but lets stick to suburban — and family-friendly — legends). Watching a dog chomp, chomp, chomp away at PB is some mix of hilarious and adorable, assuming you're not PETA, who I fear, with the help of Snow, will firebomb my house and this blog. Unfortunately, peanut butter is highly combustible.

When I was in India, I never saw packaged legit peanut butter but they have Desi peanut butter, which is sorta like home-produced (think: Midwest methlabs) peanut butter. That in itself is not that interesting, but I wanted to use it to segue into discussion of Desi items in India, in general. The word just sort of means Indian (I guess), but it's come to mean unsynthetic, organic, low-fi etc — and in particular, always returns to discussion of Desi alcohol. And as you can imagine, it's probably not the best idea to buy whatever fermented elixir is for sale at your local Desi alcohol store — unless, you ran out of pesticide for your crop-duster or need to unclog a drain. I'll stick to peanut butter anyday.


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Michelle Kirstin Snow said...

people have been talking about this blog but what is there to talk about if there are no posts.

i've seen you eating peanut butter. has it stuck your lips together? is there nothing left to talk about?